Liam Lagan.

Web Developer.

Newcastle upon Tyne.

Byker Burger

Web design for a modern restaurant.

I created Byker Burger to practice restaurant website design. I made it with HTML, SASS and jQuery. It was a great way to experiment with animation and parallax.

June 2017

Fastrack Flooring

On the fast track.

I helped an industrial flooring company who needed a portfolio website to show potential customers what they could do.

I built this site using the Bootstrap framework, then I used a JavaScript plugin to showcase the gallery images.

April 2017

FAB for Kids

A fab boost to bookings.

FAB for Kids are a local initiative providing fun activities during school holidays.

They were in need of a stepping stone between their physical marketing and online booking form. I was happy to build a website that helped complete the customer journey.

March 2017

Weather App

How's the weather?

A small app with a lot of tech.

Building a small weather app was a great way to practice using 3rd party APIs like Google Location and Dark Sky.

February 2017

Bill Splitter

The name's Splitter, Bill Splitter.

A web app for 2 flatmates who wanted to share the cost of essentials, but not luxuries.

I used jQuery to take the pain out of the tricky maths at the end of the month, in turn solving a real world problem I was experiencing.

January 2017

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